The Studio

In the recording studio it can carried out can be any step of the recording chain, from the composition of mastering a song for recording , editing, mixing , music production and post – production.
Also, if you sound technician has previously worked with other recording studios , you can feel free to bring the tools you need and take the tracks to our ProTools software . If you’re not in New York , I have tools that can handle all the recording. Musicians and tracks so that you can implement your project . Similarly, if you have a music production needs , I can deal with it in the studio and tracks or project already mixed so you vote can record in a study of your city , and the cost of travel and accommodation avoid sending NY . If necessary , a car access right to the door of the recording studio , which facilitates the loading and unloading of heavy or bulky instruments . In any case , there is room to park 3 medium or large vans or 4 cars medium 5 meters from the entrance of the studio.