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Pines, firs and evergreens Brown from top down turn how to fix (1) hard winter wind Problem: a threat to pine and spruce trees, in particular her tree crowns cold winter conditions. The Crown is an easy target for rough wind or sunstroke, needles are brown or purple in late winter or early spring. How to fix: to avoid injuries in the winter by a tree with a spray of anti-dehydrating in the fall. Keep the trees well watered throughout. A tree with fluid intake too much or too little is stressed and is more prone to damage. (2) a pest or disease Problem: A number of pests and illnesses, a pine or spruce can tree Crown to Brown. Let a little break the usual suspects: White Pine weevils lay their eggs on a tree with branches in spring. From the beginning to the middle of the fall, hatched beetles begin feeding on tree trunks, which block the flow of water. Beetles are brownish yellow on the tops of the trees. See also sawdust on the bark and the lower part of the tree. They aim
mainly to older or weakened trees. One of the rare needle diseases who have high to the low pine wilt. Little worms called nematodes penetrate trees and quickly damage. How to fix: check your tree removal for dirt or insects remains which may indicate an infection. Once you have identified the symptoms of Browning needles, you call in an Arborist for a free consultation. In many cases far infected branches back with an insecticide or pruning of your tree in the form.

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