Tips for your outdoor and search marketing

1. To identify and follow the rules of search of Google, Bing and Yahoo! ads before launching your campaign, they have all different styles.

2 Optimize the URL of your ad so that it is relevant to the product or service you are promoting.

3 Add your titles to target keywords and copy, either matching or key words that offer membership to increase the chances that your monitor for these terms.

4. Write a powerful call to action for the search engine directly ads say what you want to do. For example “contact us for a free quote” or “get a 50% coupon.”

5. If you use an extension of click-to-dial, consider with a tracking number in order to identify and measure, that ads can perform better.

6. Spend the valuable number of text characters for the name of your company. Should be in your URL address is optimized.

7. Capitalize the first letter of the most important words in your ad. If you have ads on valet parking podiums Crazy (read “NEVER”) with uppercase letters.

8. Use punctuation in text ads? Yes! It is logical. 9 use of trademarks in the text of the announcement is a no-no, unless of course you own. However, you can offer your business-related conditions. 10 DUUA (use no unknown shortcut). While this may arouse the interest of researchers for a few, why take that chance?

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