Xibar Recording Studio

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I think it makes little sense to explain what a recording studio is .

The study can perform any step of the recording chain , from the composition of mastering a song to a disk , music production and post- production , recording , editing and mixing .

If you are on this site , I understand that you are a singer or a group and want to make a record or a model , or who may have a recording studio and are looking for information that you think they Soundman .

If you want sound technician visit www.xibarmultimedia.net , where I have a calendar Technical Sound ( where you can help ) be .
If you are thinking of setting up a recording studio , stop studying at the part where I explain some details of how I mounted mine .

If you think about the survey , you can at the right website . And how to coach with over 15 years experience , I can participate in the survey as a writer and composer , or take control of music production .

Greetings and good music .. !! – Xibar Multimedia